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The Mindful Eaters

16 Nov 2022 Maria Mason Manger en Pleine Conscience

The Mindful Eaters is the result of an amazing encounter between Deirdre living near Hamburg, Germany and Maria Mason M.Sc.Nutr., MB-EAT-QI living in the South of France, both coming from Fermoy, Co. Cork in Ireland, on a mindful eating training course.

Deirdre and Maria actually went to the same school (Loreto Convent, Fermoy). They also know the same people in the same small town in Ireland. Eversince, Deirdre and Maria have undertaken the adventure of spreading Mindful Eating all over Germany, France, Ireland and Europe.

Our backgrounds and skills come together to offer solid Mindful Eating evidence-based courses. We propose these courses through our skills, practise and knowledge in psychology, mindfulness, nutrition and counselling in English, French or German.

These courses are embedded in a rich philosophy mindfulness, self-compassion, wisdom, awareness, acceptance, letting go and tailored to help our students find their own way in daily life eating matters.

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The Mindful Eaters

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