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Cookies Policy

What is a cookie?

This site uses cookies.


Cookies make it possible to collect personal data for various functions: the operation and security of the site, to remember your visits and navigation preferences on the site, to geolocate you, to collect traffic statistics... Cookies can belong to the webmaster directly or to third parties.

The law of December 5, 2013 obliges visitors to request consent as soon as they arrive on a site. This is why we ask for your consent as soon as you arrive
on this site.

What is our cookie management policy?

Cookies for site operation and retention period

1. When the customer has made the choice to accept or refuse cookies
Purpose: Know if the visitor accepts analytics cookies
Shelf life: 1 year

2. A cookie present all the time, on all sites (session cookie)


Purpose: Basic site functionality and form security

Retention period: One session

3. When the site contains a popup and the visitor has already seen it

Usefulness: Basic site functionality
Retention period: One session

Cookies for Site Statistics

Cookie Providers for Statistics


2.Google Analytics

3.Google Tag Manager

4.Google Ads

Functionality of statistics cookies and retention period

1. To count visits

Retention period: 2 years

2. To count the number of daily visits

Retention period: 24h

3. Collect this site's keyword statistics

Retention period: 1 minute

4. Collect Google Ads Campaign Statistics.

Retention period: 90 days

Legal Grounds (what gives the right to use these cookies) ?

Your consent when you arrive on this site.

How to delete my data from the cookies of this site?

You can exercise your right to be forgotten(deletion of personal data) whenever you wish through this for: https://www.simplebo.fr/droit-a-l-oubli

Cookie Evolution

These cookies may evolve for legal or functional reasons.

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